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Vibrant, Intentional Wedding & Event Design in San Francisco+


Photo by Tim Zielenbach

Life's Most Meaningful Events Designed to Intrigue

Congratulations! You're planning a party!
Are you excited but CONFUSED, not sure how to describe your STYLE?
Maybe you like EVERYTHING you see online and need to narrow down the look of your event?
Feeling the pressure to be PERFECT?
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I'll help you design a fun & unforgettable event!

I don't want you to feel OVERWHELMED by DESIGN OPTIONS other people had -- they're not YOU and your party should be unique!
I have a plan to help! Through my organized and personalized approach, we will clarify what you like and do not like. Not only will we clarify your style, but we will design your celebration to impress your guests and thrill you to pieces when you see it come to life!

Sage McRae

Founder & Creative Director

Don't end up with a forgettable, cookie-cutter event. Design for memories!
The event will be unforgettable because the design will focus on WHAT and WHO matters most to you! 
Through truly listening to you, and by my special ways of gauging your tastes and dislikes, I will learn what is important to you. With this understanding, we will design the look of your event to impress your guests and to meet your needs.
What does an EVENT DESIGNER do, you ask?
Similar to an interior designer  (but for events), I manage your event's aesthetic plans. I DO plan events, but beyond the logistics and timelines,  I am here to ensure all of your event's visual elements work for your goals, theme, budget, and definitely wow your guests!
So, why pick me? I have a plan & a process.
Trust my decades of design skills, pulling inspiration from travels and studies to create vibrant events and experiences. Your gathering will include honest connection, meaningful memories, and an intentional celebration of life. I can be your planner, too, or allow me to recommend someone in the area to cover the planning details while I manage the visuals. It's your choice -- this is YOUR shindig and I'm here for you!
If you don't know how to define your style, or feel lost in a Pinterest maze, CONTACT ME -- I'll guide you from design confusion to a personalized and memorable party! 

Avoid boring & forgettable --

let's design a party that celebrates

YOUR style and who

matters most in your life!



Short answer: YES!

Longer answer: Yes, I am thrilled to help you with all kinds of events! Look below for examples of event types. Let's make it fun, memorable, and gorgeous!

A note: As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am committed to not only furthering equal rights for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, but also to holding true to my training as a Certified Inclusive Professional (which I received from Equally Wed Pro). The creatives and artisans with whom I work are and must remain similarly committed to honoring the diversity and inclusion of all others. We do so without respect to age, gender identity or expression, nationality or resident status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, physical or mental ability, health status, or any protected status.


An exception? Sage McRae Event Design does not tolerate intolerance, be it racism, homophobia, ageism, or other systemic means of classifying people into castes. Science rules. Black Lives Matter!

Puppy Parties

What the Pup?!  >>>

Dog Dressed as Butterfly

Your doggy* deserves the very best paw-rty, filled with treatos and lots of furry friends! Celebrate your best friend with a day designed for your pupper's comfort and interest -- and of course some paw-some portraits!

* Cats, horses, birds, or other animals included!


Get hitched >>>

Holding Hands

You're stressed and confused, am I right? Are you overwhelmed by friends & family members "helping" with their opinions? Never fear! I'm here to guide you out of a boring, blah wedding -- to a fun, memorable, and gorgeous celebration of your love! 

Social Events

Life's a celebration! >>>

Fun with Party Props

It's a party! Let's make it even more thrilling for you and your guests, all while simplifying the design process for you. As host, you deserve to share in the fun! Enjoy your birthday extravaganza, a B Mitzvah, anniversary, prom, reunion, or any reason to celebrate!

More information...

Your event should be fun, memorable, and focused on YOU!

Proms & School Reunions

Making memories >>>

Girls Dressed for School Dance

Go beyond a decorated gym, chaperones, and (spiked) punch and plan a bash that everyone will enjoy! Whether this is a prom for current high school students, or a reunion for alumni returning for milestone years, we will design an unforgettable party!  Gossip? Only about the rad dancing!

More information...
Proposals & Engagements

They said "yes!" >>>

Marriage Proposal

Planning a surprise proposal can be a bit nerve-wracking, but not with the right team to help. Put a ring on your partner's hand and pop the champagne (or sparkling cider)! As a preview of your wedding day, an engagement party  gets the families together and offers you a chance to show off your hosting skills! 

More information...
Virtual Events

Connected online >>>

On Air Sign

Why limit yourself to what's in front of you, when you can use the entire world as inspiration for your event?! Click below to find out about the extra-special ways Sage can help you with a celebration that has guests viewing virtually, but partying IRL! 


More information...

Say no to DIY & stress -- say YES to Sage advice!

Divorce Parties

Your new life begins >>>

Friends at a Carnival

Like a bachelor/ette party but later in life (and a bit less cliché!), this is a chance to celebrate  a different kind of beginning! We'll focus on the positive as you delve into what thrills you, so that you can party with your best supporters. Let's put the past where it belongs and design an exciting future!

More information...
Corporate Events

It's smart business >>>

Business Meeting

Sure, you're planning a corporate event, but that doesn't mean it has to be as stuffy as a four-piece suit, does it? (Truly, I love suits, but anyhow...) From incentives to holiday galas, to team outings, or a board meeting, I will work with you on a design that will inspire your team to do its best!

More information...
Celebrations of Life

Remember who matters >>>

White Flowers

Losing a loved one is difficult and tragic. Sometimes, though, we prefer to plan a celebration of their life, rather than a somber funeral. This allows us to focus on the joy they brought us, and the benefits of a life well lived.

* I consider events for humans and pets.

More information...

What impressed me most about Sage is her

intelligent understanding of how each detail

makes up the entire event.

Lynn Easton Andrews, Easton Events

Design a party that celebrates YOUR style and who matters most in your life!



Your event will be designed with YOUR style and tastes. The entire process is a collaboration and you'll love seeing the end result! (If you don't, I'll just crawl in a hole. No, really, how could you not love your event?!)

Finer print: you will have an opportunity to edit the design prior to signing your approval. Sage and the team will supply visuals, samples, and/or sketches, depending on your overall design and item availability. 

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