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I will design the look of your event to impress your guests and to meet your needs.
What does an EVENT DESIGNER do, you ask?
Similar to an interior designer  (but for events), I handle your event's aesthetic plans. I am here to ensure all of your event's visual elements work for your goals, theme, budget, and definitely wow your guests!
So, why pick me?
I am passionate about design and attentive to guests' comfort. A lot of event designers claim they are focused on experiences, but I have a big 'ole dose of hospitality to add to the mix so that your guests' experiences are positive! I'm here for celebrations and significant gatherings that allow for honest connection, as well as thoughtful and mindful reflections. You'll enjoy the planning process (yes, that's possible...) and will be fully present at your event. Your guests will rave about how intrigued they were by all of the details we added! If your event is a celebration, YOU get to have fun, too! 
What you get is what you SEE!
Your event is incredible because it's aesthetically coherent, and especially because of how your guests flow through the space; how they feel; what they experience.
Come on in!

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What impressed me most about Sage is her

intelligent understanding of how each detail

makes up the entire event.

Lynn Easton Andrews, Easton Events

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