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Are you planning an event and are OVERWHELMED by all the DESIGNS you see in websites, magazines, and other people's posts?
("You down with OPP?" Yeah, you know me -- I love my 90's music!) 
Not sure how to describe YOUR style?
I am here for you! Through my organized and unique approach, we will clarify what you like and do not like, as well as how best to impress your guests, and thrill you to pieces when you see the event come to life!
Through truly listening to you, and by my special ways of gauging your tastes and dislikes, I will design the look of your event to impress your guests and to meet your needs. It is a collaboration and you'll love seeing the end result! (If you don't, I'll just crawl in a hole. No, really, how could you not love your event?!)
What does an EVENT DESIGNER do, you ask?
Similar to an interior designer  (but for events), I handle your event's aesthetic plans. I am here to ensure all of your event's visual elements work for your goals, theme, budget, and definitely wow your guests!
So, why pick me?
I am passionate about design and attentive to guests' comfort. A lot of event designers claim they are focused on experiences, but I have a big 'ole dose of hospitality to add to the mix so that your guests' experiences are positive! I'm here for celebrations and significant gatherings that allow for honest connection, as well as thoughtful and mindful reflections. You'll enjoy the planning process (yes, that's possible...) and will be fully present at your event. (By the way, I work with professional PLANNERS or CLIENTS directly.)
What you get is what you SEE!
Your event is incredible because it's aesthetically coherent, and especially because of how your guests flow through the space; how they feel; what they experience. Your guests will rave about how intrigued they were by all of the details we added! If your event is a celebration, YOU get to have fun, too! 
If you don't know how to decorate your venue, or how to tell mom that country kitsch ain't your jam, CONTACT ME -- I'll rescue you from design confusion! 

(No shade about country style; to each her own!) 

~ events designed to intrigue ~ 

Events designed



What impressed me most about Sage is her

intelligent understanding of how each detail

makes up the entire event.

Lynn Easton Andrews, Easton Events

  • Dog Dressed as Butterfly

    Puppy Parties

    Your doggy* deserves the very best paw-rty, filled with treatos and lots of "furriends," great and small! Celebrate your best friend with a day designed for your pupper's comfort and interests -- and of course some paw-some portraits!

    (* Cats, horses, goats, lizards, bunnies, birds, or any animal can be included!) 

  • Virtual Events

    Why limit yourself to what's in front of you, when you can use the entire world as inspiration for your event?! Click below to find out about the extra-special ways Sage can bring the viewing virtual, but the celebration IRL!  **STAY TUNED**

  • Bride and Groom


    You're stressed and confused, am  I right? Your friends are "helping" with their opinions but you're not sure what YOU want. Behold! I've come to rescue you from the perils of perplexity -- and from a boring "normal" wedding design. Click below to find out the ways in which I can help you get to "I do!"

  • Group Photo at a Party

    Divorce Parties

    Like a bachelor/ette party but later in life, this is a chance to celebrate a different kind of beginning! We'll focus on the positive as you delve into what thrills you and what makes you happy, so that you can party with your best supporters and put the past where it belongs: the past! Let's design an exciting future! 

  • Social Events

    It's a party! Let's make it even more thrilling for you and your guests, all while simplifying the design process for you! As host, you deserve to share in the fun! Enjoy your birthday party extravaganza, a B Mitzvah, anniversary, prom, reunion, or any celebration! Click below for party decor plans -- quick, before the candles go out!

  • White Flowers

    Celebrations of Life

    Losing a loved one is difficult and tragic. Sometimes, though, we prefer to plan a celebration of their life, rather than a somber funeral. This allows us to focus on the joy they brought us, and the benefits of a life well lived.

    (I consider events for humans and non-humans.)

  • Modern Work Space

    Corporate Events

    Sure, you're planning a corporate event, but that doesn't mean it has to be as stuffy as a four-piece suit, does it? (Actually, I love suits, but anyhow...) From incentives to holiday galas, or team outings, I will work with you on a design that'll get your team inspired to do their best!

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