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African-American bride and African-American groom
Dynamic Design

For weddings with lush, elaborate details and designs, including exceptional decor planned for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces.


Sage will collaborate with you or your planner to develop a cohesive and intriguing visual scheme for your wedding weekend, incorporating floral, linens, lighting, place settings, stage & dance floor, plus accents to enhance your vision.


Let your hospitality welcome guests and your personalities shine through, by amazing event design! We will surprise you and your invited guests with secret niches to explore.


This complete plan includes custom sketches of event designs, floor plans, and full  management of rentals and their styling on-site. Additional team members will be present to ensure all your details are just right!

Photo by Ashley Seawell Photography

Starts at $7,500

Table with escort cards and large floral with branches
Inspired Intrigue

A happy medium, this is the best option for couples who want assistance designing their reception space primarily, with moderate levels of decor planned, along with minimal decor at the ceremony and cocktail hour. 

After getting to know you, Sage will draw up the visual design for your event to complement your interests as a couple. This will include a variety of visual elements, within a "normal" scope. In other words, this is just right for those who want to keep it "simple and elegant!" (Note that this is a phrase that means something different to each person -- from minimal to elaborate details!) 

This plan includes sketches of the event design, table settings, and floral, with management of rentals and styling decor pieces at your reception. 

Photo by Tim Zielenbach Photography

Starts at $5,000

Caucasian groom and Caucasian bride at small table overlooking city
Vibrant Visuals

Are you someone who just can't decide what you like? Are you sure of what you don't want at your event, but not quite certain of what you want to include? Perhaps you're overwhelmed by the options on Pinterest or in blogs online. Never fear, Sage is here (to help you)! 

If you're looking for clarity and assistance putting your words into pictures, Sage will work with you to design the perfect wedding ceremony or reception space. 

This simplest service involves a vision board and a sketch of your event space (either the ceremony or the reception). Sage will manage your rental orders and plan for getting the right decor to your event, where other event professionals will oversee setup.

Photo by Clane Gessel Studio

Starts at $3,000

Private Parties

Celebrations & socials

2014-04-11 18.27.13-1.jpg
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proms, and More!

Let's plan a party like no one could have expected -- something that is fun, vibrant, and full of great surprises to keep you and your guests intrigued! Explore secret corners within your event space, delight in the beauty surrounding you, and welcome your guests with ultimate hospitality. 

Photo by Sage McRae

B Mitzvahs

Celebrate a b mitzvah in style! (I use the inclusive term "b mitzvah" rather than the gendered "bar" or "bat" mitzvah.) Together, we will design a party to remember for years to come, marking this important rite of passage. It will be fun, surprising, meaningful, and as unique as the person of honor!

Princess Puppy
Divorce/Breakup Celebrations and Pet Parties!

These are the events not everyone talks about but so many of us love to attend! Whether you've just been through a big breakup (and need to dance the night away!) or if you want to put your little pup on the pedestal she deserves, we can design a celebration you won't soon forget!

Corporate Events


Conferences & Networking

Not all conferences are created equal; some involve just pens & paper, whereas others are highly-produced events with celebrity keynote speakers, complex audiovisual direction, and breakouts in between larger sessions. Having worked in some of the world's most prestigious hotels, Sage has experience designing and managing conferences, informational sessions, and networking events. These combine function with form to create a dynamic atmosphere most conducive to communication between attendees.

Photo by Fairy Tale Photography

Fundraisers & Galas

A beautiful surrounding can not only inspire your guests to tell their friends about your association/company/nonprofit, but it can also prod them to give more money to your cause!

Let Sage develop a design scheme that maximizes your event goals, allows for flow from one area to another, and that fascinates guests' senses! Rely on her expertise in textures, lighting, and colors to create the perfect visual experience for your event. 

Photo by Sage McRae

matt and ty_1029.jpg
Team Outings & Incentives

More than just a picnic, a well-planned team outing can improve communication between employees and broaden trust among them.

If your plans are to reward key employees who have had a successful year, let's design an incentive trip that includes a celebration and much-needed relaxation. Sage's visual experience skills will no doubt inspire your team to return refreshed and invigorated for an even brighter future at work!

Photo by Photography by Anne

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