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She's so stylish and sweet!

Years of experience!
In my 16+ year career in events, I don't know anyone else who has managed more weddings than I have. My colleagues have told me they've not met a planner (now designer) who is as thoughtful (i.e. analytical and considerate) of ways to make each event memorable and absolutely special. Having worked at some of this country's finest resorts, I am lucky to have helped hundreds of couples celebrate marriage, and have assisted many groups host fundraisers, galas, corporate meetings, and other parties. Sure, I could drop names of companies and celebrities, but truly, every client of mine is special, regardless of their zip code or prestige.
What's my background?
I have been creating since I first picked up a crayon -- I'm sure it was red or teal! Loving textures, patterns, and bright colors, I knew I needed to hone in on visual creativity, mixed with managing all the little details involved in events. (Seriously, we events folks are a bit into controlling details and managing people!) At Scripps College (near Los Angeles), I studied French and Studio Art, then began planning events at high-end venues in Las Vegas, South Carolina, and San Francisco. 
I'm also an identical twin (she's a social worker), the youngest of five kids, aunt to about a bazillion nieces and nephews, and an avid baker. Yep, making sweet things keeps me calm...and chubby. On my time away from the San Francisco hustle, I visit national parks with my boyfriend and practice my photography skills. If you have pets, I want to know all about them -- I grew up riding horses and LOVE all animals! 
Sage C. McRae
Founder & Creative Director

Image by Jasmin VanT Photography

She really

cared about

every detail 

I'm a sassy, organized, goofy, bubbly, focused, passionate, educated, well-traveled woman who is here to assist with your event. Sure, I will be very well-mannered at your party, but during the planning phase?
Let's speak authentically, exuberantly, and candidly -- so feel free to drop some F-bombs about stuff you really love, give high-fives, and swap cheesy Dad jokes! This is me, you be you.
Here, I am demonstrating how to make paper cutouts in the style of one of my favorite artists:
Henri Matisse. This was for a wedding industry mixer I designed & planned. It was so fun! 

Image by Fairy Tale Photography

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